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Bohemia Holistics

Heaton Norris Stockport Cheshire SK4 1QF UK

Bohemia Holistics

Providing Therapeutic Complementary Treatments


The following testimonials have been given to me by valued, current customers. I would like to say a big 'Thank you' for their feedback and their highly regarded custom

'My first treatment with Bohemia Holistics was in the form of a birthday gift, and beforehand I had no particular intention of having massage regularly. However Sara was wonderful and the massage really helped warm up and relax my muscles and joints.

I have Fibromyalgia, arthritis and Crohn's disease and suffer from pain daily. Sara made sure she knew all the details of my health before starting treatment and was careful to take into account my lack of mobility and the fact that with Fibromyalgia hard pressure on the skin can feel like bruising. I had a Swedish massage on my back and shoulders which was fantastic and helped me so much I decided to try all her other treatments to see how much they can help me too. I've had Indian Head massage, and felt so good afterwards I didn't need the daily afternoon sleep I always have due to fatigue. I was amazed! I'm having reflexology this week coming and then will continue to have a treatment every two weeks alternating them in accordance with where the pain is worse. I cannot praise Bohemia Holistics enough, and just from a relaxation point of view I recommend it's services to everyone'.

Thank you Sara.

Mrs M Jukes. Oct 2011

'Just to say I have experienced a massage from Sara, and god was it good, looking forward to my next one'

JG Dec 2011

 'Just had a back massage that has lifted my spirit no end, it's feeling good to have a supple back again, highly recommended'.

Dec 2011

 'Oh my, have been feeling great since that first back massage. Have more confidence, am happier, can move better, the pain has gone resulting in less stress and am so looking forward to the next session, cheers :)'

LW Dec 2011

'I highly recommend Sara's massages combined with the deep tissue technique.

Whenever I feel stressed it seriously affects my neck, shoulders and upper back.

The deep tissue technique really helps loosen the tense and knotty areas and afterwards I feel I have less pain and a lot more movement'.

Thank you so much!

AR July 2012

 'Reflexology has become one of my absolute favourite treatments ever.I really hate my feet so was a bit nervous the first time about someone seeing or touching them, but Sara's professionalism instantly put me at ease.It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, which at the same time leaves me feeling rejuvenated, I feel everything has loosened up when I've had a treatment.Sara identifies problem areas which I always find really interesting. I always leave a session feeling as if I'm walking on air!

Thank you!!!'

AR August 2012

 'I went to see Sara for a holistic facial after my skin was left really dull following a few weeks of illness.Sara uses beautiful Neal's Yard products that smell and feel fantastic. The massage techniques, combined with lymphatic drainage and lovely rose oil did wonders for my skin and inner well-being. Afterwards my skin felt so soft and nourished, the bags under my eyes had greatly improved and the treatment also helped relieve the pressure around my sinuses. Hope to go again soon!'

AR August 2012

'Over the years I've had quite a few massages from various therapists but never have I had one as good as Sara's! It never fails to amaze me how she just seems to know exactly where to work to relieve my pain. I love the deep tissue technique that Sara uses and my neck & shoulders feel so much better for my regular treatments (I also don't get any headaches any more!). I can't recommend Sara highly enough

J Pringle Nov 2014

'Sara offers a fantastic mobile service which made my life much easier as I could enjoy a treatment in the comfort of my own home. I had a full body massage where she used a deep tissue technique which made me feel brand new. The massage left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and I loved the products she used. Sara is very skilled, professional and courteous and I would definitely recommend her and I will be using her services again.'

S Khan Nov 2014

'I initially met Sara through work, where she visits once a month to provide 15 minute neck and shoulder massages to staff, the perfect antidote to a desk job. After my first appointment in work, I suggested to my partner that we book in for Swedish Massage, back, neck and shoulders (30 minutes each) via Sara's mobile service. This is something now my partner and I invest in as often as possible. The deep tissue technique Sara skilfully uses is applicable to anyone who feels tense or suffers from upper body pain due to office work or driving. I practice yoga regularly and find combining this with the back, neck and shoulder massages extremely beneficial. The treatment is extremely affordable; Sara keeps us up to date with her availability and if we need to cancel Sara is quick to respond with alternative appointments. Since I have been receiving treatments I have recommended Sara to many people and will continue to do so'.

K Riley Dec 2014

'Hot Thai Compress Massage: This is such a deeply relaxing treatment and I recommend that you try it out at least once. Sara is professional and friendly and always ensures treatments are catered for the individual. This is a luxurious treatment and if you are looking for a really soothing massage that works all the muscles yet gives you a boost of energy then go for it!'

S Beg Dec 2015

'I cannot recommend Sara enough. I had the most amazing hip and leg massage. Being pregnant my legs and hips are suffering and after my massage I felt very relaxed and will be having this done every month as it's helped with my aches and pains. Sara is a lovely, friendly lady and I'm glad I found her'

T.R Jan 2016

I have been a long time carer and as a result I have had a lot of tension in my upper back, shoulders and neck. I find it difficult to sleep at night but when I do, I wake with chronic back ache. I have not been able to turn my head some days. After my first treatment with Sara, the following morning, I'd had a brilliant sleep and at least 70% of my pain had gone. I feel so much better'.

R.R Oct 2016

'I had a massage from Sara a couple of evenings ago and have had the best sleep the past couple of nights than I have had in a long time! I've felt tired in a relaxed way but I needed to slow down a bit and the massage definitely helped me to do that. Thanks Sara I'm looking forward to the next one'

Martina July 2017

'I realise that I feel much better after the Reiki. I've been experiencing headaches for weeks, heartburn and stomach pain. My stomach and head have eased and my heartburn has gone, even though I've had that for days. Thank you'

Rachael Oct 2017