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New Treatments

Now offering new treatments.  Enjoy a Thai foot massage, to soothe tired and aching feet and legs or try out a truly relaxing treatment of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  This treatment offers many benefits including; boosts the immune system, decongests the skin, activates the circulatory system, removes waste form the body, relaxes the muscular system.  May be a great relief for some of the following;
  • Swollen feet
  • Swelling associated with pregnancy (please note that a treatment can only be offered following the first 3 months of pregnancy)
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Migraine/headaches
  • Arthritic problems
  • Congested sinuses
  • Cellulite
Have a look at my treatment page to find out more about these treatments.

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Mahia Kisss on 04 October 2012 03:46
During pregnancy time Thai foot massage, to soothe tired and aching feet and legs or try out a truly relaxing treatment of Manual Lymphatic Drainage is very important and I appreciate this type of offer. Thanks for this allocation. :lol:
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Argan Oil on 07 September 2013 10:23
A foot massage is something that almost everyone craves, but very few can actually get. It can be both sensual as well as relaxing. This is a very simple idea that can help to keep even the most on edge person relaxed and at ease.

results rx brisbane on 30 October 2013 09:23
Foot massage is most appropriate way to get rid from several painful conditions. I feel glad to read that blog. Thanks for updating such informative post.

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Hydrogen Peroxide on 26 October 2012 07:59
The information given here is really very useful as massage give instant relax and pleasure to the whole body and also circulate the flow of blood in the body.Thanks for sharing this valuable information looking forward for more such information from your blog.
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australia skin care on 30 October 2013 04:59
Thai foot massage is good option when you feel pain in feet or in ankle sprain. I also used to do that. Thanks for updating such useful information.

Adam russel on 13 November 2012 08:38
Massage is really so essential for reducing the stress and tiredness. Thai foot massage is very effective in pregnancy time. I am thinking for take an appointment for my wife. Thanks a lot for the info.
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Sara on 13 November 2012 12:45
Thank you to those of you who have left comments. Please be advised that if anyone is thinking of having a treatment whilst pregnant the therapist may ask how far gone you are. This is because some treatments cannot be given to a woman who is in her first trimester of pregnancy.
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Courtney on 20 November 2012 10:35
Hi, everyone how are you ? i hope you are well. you will be glad to know that in the meantime i have read your whole article attentively. really it is too informative as well as useful. many many thanks for your great sharing... pregnancy
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Diana on 02 December 2012 05:50
I have suffering from anxiety and stress for many days. So, I have been very glad to get such kind of blog about New Treatments for my troublesome. Thanks a million mate .Carry on.
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Sara on 05 December 2012 22:58
Hi Diana, Thank you for your comment. The key to helping with anxiety is relaxation. If you are thinking of having a treatment at all go for relaxation. I wish you luck

Lynna Islas on 21 December 2012 04:35
Pleased to read about your new health treatment which truly wonderful! In this content I like the swollen feet topic. I want to get of these benefits of your new treatment. Please in details concerning the price. Thanks!
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Sara on 22 December 2012 13:46
Thank you for your comment. Please see my treatment page for details about treatments and prices. If you are interested in Manual Lymphatic drainage there are different prices for different lengths of treatment. Have a lovely Christmas

Botox sydney on 29 January 2013 09:56
The new treatment information for taking good care of the boosts the immune system and the skin is just nice and also very much useful for me. Thanks so much for this.
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Skin Tightening Orange on 15 February 2013 08:24
I am interested in this treatments. I came to know about some of new treatments through your post. Thank you so much for sharing!!
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Skin Tightening Orange on 15 February 2013 08:26
I am interested in this treatments. I came to know about some of new treatments through your post. Thank you so much for sharing!!
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rsa rsg on 07 March 2013 06:15
I am pleased by reading this updated information related to New Treatments with us. I am sharing this with my friends so that they also could know about this all.
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gynaecomastia melbourne on 01 August 2013 05:25
The information you shared through your post is functional and very informative regarding the Thai foot massage.I admire your work.Wish you all the luck for all your blogging efforts.
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fine lines treatment auckland on 13 August 2013 08:30
You made my day! I am very happy and relaxed too that I find this blog. I was looking for the Thai foot massage.If you have some more updates on this please share those as well. Thanks a lot and keep sharing such useful information.
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Breast lift In Brisbane on 14 August 2013 12:18
Very informative and just fantastic! I was looking for the Thai foot massage treatment which I finally got here.Thanks a lot it is very useful for me.Would love to read some more updates on it.
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certificate iii in fitness on 12 September 2013 09:44
Such quality content! I find this blog very informative regarding the Thai foot massage. I am waiting for your next post. Keep it up.
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All the efforts you put in the blog post is appreciable.Entire blog is informative on Thai foot massage.Looking forward to read more blogs and contents from you.Wish you luck!!!
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sunscreen body lotions on 02 January 2014 09:06
Thai foot massage, is a great way to reduce all the anxiety and stress. I am sure it will be very helpful for lots of needed people. thanks..
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Facial Restoration Plastic Surgery on 04 February 2014 08:29
It was a great description on Thai foot massage. I am quite impressed with your explanation. This is a really quality and convenient post.
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Dennis on 27 February 2014 09:49
That was good post.
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Its good to know that you are giving your services in foot massage. I was searching for the same from very long time. Thanks for updating that.
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Lauren on 15 April 2015 05:28
thanks for the great info for the treament, will definitely recommend it to my friends.
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best foot massager tip on 21 April 2015 04:47
Massage is most beneficial when offered daily but may be given up to twice a day and for as long as the infant wants. The foot massager therapy is the best all of the massage. This is the period following a sleep when the baby is lying quietly and looking around.
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Enjoy a Thai foot massage, to soothe tired and aching feet and legs or try out a truly relaxing treatment of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
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